Mrs. Andhita

Private Residence / Kids room

Mrs. Andhita is obsessed with Eric Carle (we mean it in a good way), and so do we! She has a collection of his books and use it to teach Kak Gia, her adorable daughter, about the world in such an uncomplicated way.


In this mural project, we were challenged to re-make Eric Carle's famous collage characters and turning it into a mural form. To reach those particular looks of collage, we used paper tapes and paint in little sections each time. Patient was the key,  and all of us simply fell in love with the outcome. Shout out to Mr. Carle.

Client / 

Mrs. Andhita - Private Residence/Kids room

Location / 

Karang Tengah

Service / 

Mural Design (re-compose ) &  Execution

Area / 

12,89 m2


Year / 

December  2017


0812 99898 201

Jl. Kucica 7, Blok JH 7/1, Sektor 9, Bintaro Jaya

Tangerang Selatan, Indonesia

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