Mrs. Pauline

Private Residence / Kids room

In this project we were challenged to execute a Doodle-ish design, provided by Mrs. Pauline. We did add more object into the finished mural, like the girrafe, birds compositions, and random shapes and end up removing  some elements on site. This mural took 3 days. 

Client / 

Mrs. Pauline - Private Residence/Kids room

Location / 

Taman Kebon Jeruk P1/28

Service / 

Mural Execution (++)


Area / 

14,877 m2


Year / 

October  2017


0812 99898 201

Jl. Kucica 7, Blok JH 7/1, Sektor 9, Bintaro Jaya

Tangerang Selatan, Indonesia

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