Mrs. Putri

Private Residence / Kids room

In this project we were challenged to connect client's living room and their kids' toy storage.

At first, Mrs. Putri wanted to have a fresh plants painting on her living room wall, and then ended up letting us do whatever we want to spice up the room, as creative as we can, with a mission of, "responding current furniture and home decorations placement, so she doesn't need to move a thing". It has to be be fun and creative.

A success? We love the outcome! it's different from how we usually do it.

Client / 

Mrs. Putri- Private Residence/Kids room

Location / 

Kebayoran Height - Bintaro Jaya

Service / 

Mural Design & Execution

Area / 

34,11 m2


Year / 

December  2017


0812 99898 201

Jl. Kucica 7, Blok JH 7/1, Sektor 9, Bintaro Jaya

Tangerang Selatan, Indonesia

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