Mrs. Intan

Private Residence / Kids room

In this project we were challenged to execute 3 Murals for Mrs. Intan & Mr. Ayuz Family. There are 3 designs,

1.  Natural Waterfall mural design by Muralkita, 

2. Tintin mural design ,provided by client

3. Tintin Mural design, provided by client.

About The waterfall mural design :

This design has such a personal story in it. A story  that full of hopes and prayers for the family.

Pomegranate Tree, Almond tree, Peacocks and the big and humble waterfall are the objects they chose to be included in the design.

It was a challenge to put those variety of objects together, but we are really glad with the outcome.

Client / 

Mrs. Intan - Private Residence/Kids room

Location / 


Service / 

Mural Design & execution


Area / 

34,275 m2


Year / 

January 2018