Nanamia Pizzeria

Rest Room Opening

In this project we did 3 Mural Designs and executions for Nanamia Pizzeria, Tirtodipuran.

Nanamia Pizzeria is one of the best pizza resto in Yogyakarta, great vibes, great food!

Mrs. Nana, the owner, asked for :

1st  design   : a cheerfull jungle with  mediteranian                                    color pallete for Nanamia's kids corner. 

2nd Design : Realistic Tropical banana leafes for their                               storage room

3rd Design : Art Nouveau inspired for their rest room                            opening

Client / 

Mrs. Nana / Nanamia Pizzeria

Location / 

Tirtodipuran, Yogyakarta

Service / 

Mural Designs & Executions

Total Area / 

13 m2


Year / 

March  2018


0812 99898 201

Jl. Kucica 7, Blok JH 7/1, Sektor 9, Bintaro Jaya

Tangerang Selatan, Indonesia

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