• This Painting is a part of – Seeking Happiness Through Material Possessions- Series
  • Only 1 painting available
  • Made by Jessica Justine Tabah


Painting Descriptions :

Title : Take 5

Size : 100cm x 80cm

Media : Oil on canvas

Year : 2018


Painting Concept :

My inspiration for this painting is from -take 5 minutes break- phrase. Smoking releases happy chemicals in our brains. Nicotine increases our adrenaline, thus make our hearts somehow “pumped”. To me, smoking is a consuming activity that can be done to distract someone from his/her daily activity. Not only wasting time and pumping adrenalin, I think smoking can be categorized as a guilty pleasure activity. Smoking, in a way, makes us more unproductive, we waste minutes after minutes after, minutes, to smoke, while subconsciously not wanting to really do what “we have to do”.


Temporary happiness caused by increased happy chemicals in our brain causes us to seek more, to want more. Thus being said, I made this Take 5 painting, portraying several cigarettes buds, with lipstick marks all over it. I did a realistic approached on these cigarettes buds to stressed how we just see and do what we want to see and do. Why do we need extra nicotine to pump our happiness? 


What’s your interpretation of this painting?


Media Details :

  • Homemade canvas
  • Winsor & Newton Artist’s Oil Colours
  • Winsor & Newton Oil Colours
  • Winsor & Newton Artist’s Gloss Varnish


Price : IDR 1.499.000-,


Purchase only via Bank Transfer

BCA an/ Diora Rute

6800 701 323


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Oil Painting - Take 5