PT. Creatura Kreasi Indonesia

Mural at Anandamaya Residence

In this project, we created 2 mural designs for 2 mural spots, exclusively for Mrs. Andrea at Anandamaya Residence, via PT. Creatura Kreasi Indonesia.

This is the first mural design executed into a mural. 

We spent a total of 7 days to work on this 6,76m2

highly detailed execution. 


Mrs. Andrea's family members are fans of beautiful birds.This highly educated family wanted to combine a very dramatic monochromatic tree with colourful birds.

In this mural execution we're aiming for :

- The dramatic tree feels

- The dramatic tree textures

- Birds textures

- Balance composition between monochromatic objects

  & colourful objects

Client / 

PT. Creatura Kreasi Indonesia/Mrs. Andrea


Location / 

Anandamaya Residence


Service / 

Custom Mural Design & Execution


Area / 

6,76 m2


Year / 

November  2019